Rules of Rugby

Rules of Rugby

Rugby is arguably one of the more exciting sports to date with athletes trying to outwit each opponent with skill, talent, and a lot of times brute force. However, in the middle of what may seem to be a confusing string of tackles, passes, and players being lifted in the air, there is order in the game governed by a set of rules.

Basic rule of the game

Rugby is quite unique from most sports you might have played in the past. Yes, the main objective is to score more points than the opposing team to win. However, there is one rule that sets it apart from most games played with a ball. The ball or sometimes referred to as the “pill” must only be passed in a specific direction.

It should not be passed or eve knocked in a forward direction from a player’s hands. The rugby ball may be passed sideways to a teammate or even backward but never forward.

Player positions

Each team has 15 players wearing different numbers and having specific game responsibilities. Players 1 through 8 is collectively referred to as the pack and considered to be the heavyweights and the muscle of the team. This pack consists of the hooker, the locks, flankers, as well as the eightman. The other half of the team is the back line which is made up of the scrumhalf, flyhalf, wings, centers, and the fullback.

Scoring points in the game

There are essentially three ways to score a point in a rugby game. A try is worth 5 points where players place the rugby ball on the ground in the in-goal area. Teams are also awarded a kick after a successful try which is worth an additional two points. A penalty kick is another way to score which is usually a result of a game infringement. This is worth three points if the pill is able to sail through and over the crossbar.

The third one is referred to as a drop goal. This is also worth three points and can be scored anywhere in the field. The important thing is that the ball is kicked after touching the ground and again, goes over the crossbar between the two posts.

Set pieces

There are two iconic images that rugby has been known for – the lineout and the scrum. The lineout is basically a jumping contest to gain possession of the pill. The hooker throws the ball to teammates who is raised up by teammates. This is a carefully planned strategy of bluffing and deceiving the other team on when the ball will be thrown in the air.

The scrum is a usually happens after the game is stopped for a forward pass. This is a serious display of muscle and brute force as the two packs. The players lock together and push through with might as they try and hook the ball to gain possession. This where the hooker is front and center using their feet to kick the ball back towards a waiting teammate. After the ball exits at the back, the play is resumed.