Greatest Rugby Players: Who Are They?

Greatest Rugby Players: Who Are They?

Make a small top list of the most popular rugby players in the world ex.. Jonah Lomu, Dan Carter, Brian O’Driscoll, etc. Add a subheading for each player.

The exciting game of rugby has produced countless and memorable rugby players over time. These players serve as the face of the sport as well as an inspiration for the countless young men and women who wants to get into the game of rugby. Their names are synonymous with the sport that it is quite impossible to mention rugby without their names popping up. Here are some of the most popular rugby players in the world.

Jonah Lomu

At this point, it is impossible to talk about rugby without mentioning the name of Jonah Lomu in the same breath. He was one of the youngest players at 19 years old. His career covers about 63 international events and he was inducted into the International Rugby Hall of Fame in 2007. The way he played in the Rugby World Cup made him the game’s biggest drawcard. His presence alone on a game would swell ticket sales as people want to see him in action.

Jonah Lomu was also regarded as a favorite son of New Zealand and is widely regarded as the original and first true superstar in the world of rugby. It helped that his dominating physique coupled by a merciless running game induced fear and respect from opponents and teammates alike. He is also an inspiration to a great number of many young people as he was able to carve his own path away from what could easily have been a life full of violence in South Auckland.

Dan Carter

He is considered to be one of the best all-around players in the world of rugby. He can attack, kick accurately, run for a break, as well as put out unrelenting defense on the opposing team. To top that, he is also one versatile player in terms of holding down positions on the field. He is most effective as a tactician all the while dishing out the strength of a midfielder. He was also named as the 2005 IRB player of the year as well as player of the year in New Zealand also in the same year.

Brian O’Driscoll

Brian O’Driscoll was the captain of the Leinster, Ireland as well as The Lions over a fifteen year period. He is the second most capped player having been part of many international games. He has a stellar scoring record for a center and as a result, holds the 8th spot in scoring when it comes to international rugby history. O’Driscoll also hold the Six Nations Championship record for 26 tries, the most scored in that league.

Sir Gareth Owen Edwards

Described as arguably the best rugby player in the sport ever to don a Welsh jersey. He was even declared as Rugby World magazine as the greatest player of all time. This was a poll done in 2003. He simply a supreme athlete with an equal amount of skill. He understood every facet of the game from running to kicking as well as reading where the game is going.